Overview of our trainings for professionals

Reducing stress can be an important part of your treatment plans. The HeartMath approach to stress reduction gets results. Our easy to use techniques and technologies will help your patients and clients how to self-regulate the emotions that are often at the source of their stress.

Whether you want to learn more about the science behind heart rate variability and autonomic function, interventions and protocols for specific disorders or populations or the best way to teach adults and children how to use our techniques, we have three high quality training programs to meet your needs.

HeartMath Basics (required for all certification trainings)

  • One day training for using HeartMath technology
  • Scientific background on HRV and Coherence

HeartMath Certified Coach Training

  • Developed for coaches
  • License after completion
  • 4*1 day

HeartMath Certified Therapist Training

  • Developed for clinicians
  • License after completion
  • Combination of HeartMath Interventions and HeartMath Coach Program
  • 5*1 day

HeartMath Certified Grouptrainer Training

  • Developed to conduct public workshops or train staff in organizations
  • License after completion
  • 3*1 day
  • Only as follow up after coach or therapist training

HeartMath Benelux offers a few Specialty Training programs and extra Modules, which give you more knowledge based tools for your sector.

It is now also possible to follow the program HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Regulation and the Coach Certification training online. Please note that the programs are hosted by HeartMath USA and that therefor aditional VAT costs can be charged by your own country upon receiving the materials. No pre-training is required.

Twice a year we offer a special English language HeartMath Intensive training in Germany which includes both Coach and Grouptrainer training.