emWave® USB Sensor Module

emWave® USB Sensor Module

Price (incl. VAT): € 149.00

The new emWave USB Sensor Module is a state-of-the-art interface device that powers either an Ear or Finger Sensor and interprets the data going to the software program. The USB Sensor Module is included in the full emWave Pro Package.

The USB Sensor Module evaluates the biological data provided by the sensor. The Module provides appropriate power levels to the sensor diodes for sensitive readings with less signal loss.
USB Sensor Module plugs directly into the USB port on a laptop, keyboard hub or other hub.


The new USB Sensor Module will not work with the Freeze-Framer v1.x or v2.x software. You must have emWave PC v1.0.6 or above to use the new USB module. The module will also work with emWave MAC, emWave Desktop or emWave Pro software.


To use the new Sensor Module on older emWave PC software you can download a free software patch on www.emwave.com/updates. Click on Click here to download installer and then choose install. With the new software you can both use the old POD and the new Sensor Module.