HeartMath also helps with severe pain (English subtitles)

Heartmath USA

Six colleagues from HeartMath USA give a beautiful glimpse of what the mission means to them. You will experience the heart of HeartMath.

The Hearts Intuitive Intelligence A path to personal social and global coherence

The Spiritual Heart -- is in a way a little like a smart phone, invisibly connecting us to a large network of information. It is through an unseen energy that the heart emits that humans are profoundly connected to all living things. The energy of t... read more

Together in the Heart

This video describes the mission of the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) and our heart-felt intention of creating more peaceful planet. The video’s narrators, GCI Steering Committee members Howard Martin and Drs. Rollin McCraty and Deborah Rozman... read more

Stress, A True Story. I Wanted To Change But I Didn't Know How...

Owen tells his story of how debilitating stress was for him - and what he did about it. The answer was surprisingly simple and had little to do with what was causing him stress in the first place.

BFE 2019

Heartmath implementation within Dutch police: BFE Cardiff 2019 conference by Robert Erdbrink.

The HeartMath method

You get an insight into trainers, coaches, and also into companies that work with the HeartMath method. Like multinational DSM, which uses the tools and insights to improve the health of its employees. Health Insurer Zilveren Kruis uses the HeartMat... read more

The Science of HeartMath

Rollin McCraty, research director at HeartMath, explains why heart coherence is essential in sustainable stress management. The heart coherence exercises give access to the functions of your heart that help you make better decisions and navigate thro... read more

Robert Erdbrink, founder and director HeartMath Benelux: this is me

For Robert Erdbrink, director of HeartMath Benelux, it is important that things are right, both in his head and in his heart. When he met HeartMath he knew that this was the bridge between Eastern techniques and Western science. And the bridge betwee... read more

Heart coherence on German TV (German language)

LOVE PROTECTS THE HEART Doctor and scientist J. Wimmer links random people on the street to an ear sensor. Through the HeartMath app they see the heart coherence they have at that moment. Because he wants them to experience how they can influence an... read more

Innovative technology for performance improvement in top sports (Dutch language)

In 2014/2015 HeartMath Benelux, together with Saxion Hogeschool and other partners, has successfully trained top athletes with the help of the Peak Performance program. The project called Tech for Future aims to improve athletes' performance with the... read more

Heartmath Coach Alain Sutter (German Language)

The well-known Swiss ex-pro footballer Alain Sutter (Bayern Munich and the Swiss national team) has completed his training as HeartMath Coach and is now a coach himself. He uses the HeartMath techniques because he finds them easy to apply and effecti... read more

HeartMath Benelux sponsors school in Nepal (Dutch language)

HeartMath Benelux founder Robert Erdbrink addresses students and teachers of a Nepalese school at the distribution of school materials sponsored by HeartMath Benelux.

Howard Martin - Engaging The Intelligence of the Heart

Passionate TED Talk from Howard Martin, one of the founders of HeartMath. As a little boy, he already felt that life was about progress and service to others. This led to the discovery of the heart as a life's work. He tells that humanity is on the ... read more

Importance of Resilience

Emotions in particular drain the battery. It's about energy management. Through exercises you increase the stress resistance and thus your energy supply. You learn to keep control. There is a connection between heart rhythm variability (HRV) and self... read more

What is Social Coherence

With our thoughts, emotions and attitude we radiate an electromagnetic energy that influences others. How do you feed the field in which you are connected to others? Researchers of HeartMath make visible how it works. They can measure improved heart ... read more

Anna Hemmings - Heartmath for Sports

Anna Hemmings explains exactly how HeartMath helps athletes and sports professionals to change their physical and emotional reactions to stress and to perform optimally under pressure. She tells how it works when head and body work in harmony. That f... read more

Ken Way Sports Performance Psychologist on Heartmath and biofeedback technology in football

Sports psychologist Ken Way uses HeartMath's biofeedback technique to train sports coaches and athletes, especially top footballers. How do they define their personal version of flow? How does this feel and how do they lower their tension level? Many... read more

A gift that keeps giving

English video about HeartMath techniques for employees of Kaiser Permanent Hospitals in the USA

HeartMath Benelux Certification trainings (Dutch language)

Here trainers and students have their say during a training to become a HeartMath coach. The coaches learn how to guide their clients with emotion management and developing their potential. Also important is the effect of their own emotional state on... read more

A new start for American Vietnam veterans

With PTSD you are a volcano. You no longer feel connected to the world around you. The small device of HeartMath changed my life. When I could 'feel coherence happen' and the fear of PTSD disappeared, I got a new reference point I could hold on to. T... read more

Transform your life

With the Inner Balance Trainer (ear sensor + app) you improve your well-being and your results. You learn to synchronize heart, head and body. So you can neutralize stress and reset your inner self. You become coherent. The secret is that annoying em... read more

It's the little things that make the difference (Dutch language)

In Dubai he is getting ready for the Olympic year. He knows he needs more rest to perform better. He strives for the feeling that everything seems to go in slow motion and that he is in control of the water. By practicing with heart coherence every d... read more

Heartmath Benelux - Police Academy

HeartMath Benelux trains people and organizations to increase their resilience. We implement the tools, techniques and technology developed by the Institute of HeartMath. Since 2012 we have trained over 55.000 Dutch police officers. We, as HeartMath... read more

Cardiac coherence at the service of fighter pilots (French language)

The secret of the self-control of French fighter pilots is their mastery of their heart rhythm. We see here a training session at the Technique d'Optimasion du Potentiel where three pilots are trained in HeartMath techniques. The curve on the screen ... read more

Wise with your heart (Dutch language)

Primary school for special education De Zeearend about how she teaches children to deal with stress and emotions in a healthy way. Especially with these children it is important that they can balance themselves. They experience how, besides learning ... read more

Heart coherence and flow (Dutch language)

HeartMath coach Frits Vissers tells how you can benefit from insights from the sport when you study: make sure you connect your head and heart to get into flow, choose process focus over goal focus and draw certainty from who you are deepest. Follow ... read more

Heart coherence and stage fright (Dutch language)

Conservatory student Wouter Pletzers had so much stage fright that it made him physically restless and made him audibly less good at playing the horn. He seeks help from HeartMath. His goal is to stop panicking when he makes a mistake. That works. Af... read more

Open Box Review HeartMath's emWave2 Technology

Marc, consultant at the HeartMath Institute, demonstrates the whole package that belongs to the emWave2. This is a small device with a sensor on which you place your thumb to measure your heart rhythm variability. Colors indicate the degree of heart ... read more