Emotional Stress, Positive Emotions and Psychophysiological Coherence (e-Book)

Emotional Stress, Positive Emotions and Psychophysiological Coherence (e-Book)

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A Scientific Monograph e-booklet by Dr. Rollin McCraty and Dana Tomasino

Changing Your Emotions — a New Approach to Stress Management

Until recently stress research and treatment has largely derived from a belief that mental processes alone govern or activate the body's stress response. Now the scientific monograph, Emotional Stress, Positive Emotions, and Psychophysiological Coherence, presents in layman's terms the latest stress research showing emotions, more than thoughts, activate the physiological changes comprising the stress response. This important monograph by HeartMath researchers for the landmark book, Stress in Health and Disease, explains the science and psychophysiology of stress and HeartMath's simple tools and utilization of positive emotions for permanently self-managing your stress and breaking the cycle of recurring negative emotional patterns.

Key Discussion Topics

Breaking the Stress Cycle: The Power of Positive Emotions

  • Positive Emotion-Focused Tools and Techniques
  • The Scienti?c Basis of the HeartMath Techniques
  • More Than a Pump: The Heart's Key Role
  • The Physiology of Positive Emotions

Two Life-Changing, Stress-Management Tools

  • Freeze-Frame® Technique — for positive emotion refocusing (HeartMath's most widely used method internationally.)
  • Heart Lock-In® — a technique to help you sustain heartfelt positive emotions and their bene?ts for longer periods.
  • 18 pages
  • Diagram and graphs
  • 4-color cover & References