Are you ready for more
flow in your life?
Discover Heart Coherence and unlock a more joyful, peaceful and confident you. It has positive effects on your brain, your body and your connecting skills.
With this simple technique, you can turn stress into resilience. By increasing your heart coherence with heart-focused breathing exercises, you will experience less stress and be able to regulate emotions better. Start now and balance yourself.

Online training

More resilience, less stress - In 3 steps to higher heart coherence.

This online training will give you a new boost to your resilience and vitality. You will learn how to use your heart to improve your resilience against stress, emotional well-being, mental fitness and health.

With 4 HeartMath techniques to regulate your stress and emotions. We explain step by step how and why they work.

You don't have to do the exercises for long to get an effect.
After just a few minutes you increase your heart coherence.
The positive effect in the body can last for hours.

Would you like to measure and train your heart coherence?

With the Inner Balance Coherence Plus you get real-time biofeedback to measure and reinforce your progress. It consists of an app and an ear sensor.

  1. Help and focus with your exercises
  2. Feedback on stress and relaxation
  3. Reset your system
  4. Accelerator for your coherence skills
  5. Better body awareness

You can also use heart coherence to get more clarity in your brain and make better decisions.
Or to increase your performance with sports.

HeartMath Experience

Free video series in which you discover how to live more from the power of your heart.


If you practice regularly, you will find that you can balance yourself more quickly. Heart coherence becomes more and more a natural state.

Individual coaching for more resilience and happiness

Let one of our HeartMath Coaches guide you

When you are in a coherent state, fine feelings are more attainable. You feel more easily grateful, caring, patient, non-judgmental.

Mug with a HeartMath technique.

A cozy reminder to practice heart coherence.
For yourself, or for your whole family, team, group


We know from research that people who do heart coherence exercises develop stronger practical intuition. The access to feeling what is a good choice and what is just not develops.