In collaboration with the chief scientific experts and the most senior business leaders our programme Resilience AdvantageTM, has been tested and proven in many organizations like Shell, DSM, Philips, Unilever, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Deloitte, and many others (see also our list of clients). Since 2012 HeartMath Benelux has trained over 55.000 Dutch police officers. For more information click here.

The Resilience Advantage programme is based upon breakthroughs in understanding borne from collaboration between cardiologists, system theorists and neuroscientists. This resulted in the development of technology that is capable of identifying and tracking the internal physiological conditions that disable performance. In addition this research has also characterised the conditions required to flourish under pressure and therefore succeed in complex and competitive situations and markets.

Evidence of Impact
Our programme goes beyond the theory of behaviour management and has been shown to deliver measurable improvements globally in personal performance, staff turnover, personal health and thereby organisational effectiveness. The major differentiator of our programmes is that their impact can be measured and improvements sustained in the long-term. All of the data (see objective and subjective data) has been generated in collaboration with Shell, BP and Unilever working closely with their own scientists and medical practitioners.

Subjective data

Figure 1: Improvements in well-being before, six weeks and six months after training. (Percentage of individuals responding to the top two of five possible answers)

Blood Pressure
High blood pressure affects one in four adults and is considered one of the most important public health issues facing the industrialised world. The Peak Performance programme has been shown consistently to reduce blood pressure. The size of this effect is double what an exercise programme normally delivers and if it were repeated across the entire population it could reduce the incidence of stroke by approximately 50%.

Figure 2: Blood pressure data before and 3 months after training (sample size 78).

Working in close collaboration with the scientific and business professionals within our client companies, we have addressed the limitations of conventional behavioural training. Our programme delivers the fundamental drivers of performance, enabling demonstrable benefit to be measured simultaneously in health, well-being, cognitive and business performance. Our programmes can be run as a stand-alone or integrated into a company’s ongoing training process. As industry now has to operate in a more complex and demanding environment, solutions are available to enable individuals and teams to perform at a much higher level, whilst maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

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