HeartMath Basics for professionals (online)

More and more coaches, trainers and therapists work with HRV biofeedback equipment and programs from HeartMath Benelux. This 1-day basic course is specifically designed to help you learn how to use the HeartMath equipment. The participants practice with the equipment and the results are explained. The scientific background of the HeartMath Intervention is also extensively discussed.

After this 1-day online course:

  • you have gained basic knowledge about the physiology of stress and resilience and its effects on heart rateyou know the difference between heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV) and cardiac coherence and the practical meaning of this
  • you know how biofeedback on HRV can contribute to body awareness and self-regulationyou have insight into the effects of breathing and emotion on HRV
  • you have insight into the application possibilities of emWave® and Inner BalanceTM biofeedback hardware and software
  • you have insight into your own HRV and you know how to improve this through training
  • you have insight into the way in which the programs of HeartMath Benelux are used in health care and business.

This 1-day basic course is also the step to the:

but can also be followed separate from these courses.

Location & dates
The day program lasts from 10.00 to 17.30. During the break, lunch is served included

Date(s) Location Language
Formation de 1 journée (10h - 17h)
En ligne French
Het programma is in 3 blokken van 10-12, van 13-15 en van 15.30-17.30 uur
Online Dutch
Formation de 1 journée (10h - 17h)
En ligne French

At the moment most certification trainings are in Dutch, on requests english trainings for groups (minimum of 8 attendees) can be delivered. Alternatively it is now also possible to follow the English spoken online program HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Regulation.

Note: In July 2021 and November 2021 a special English language HeartMath Intensive will be organized where you will be trained to become a certified HeartMath® Coach and a certified HeartMath® Trainer.


Training/education costs (VAT 0%) € 249.80
Miscellaneous costs * (VAT 21.00%) € 148.10
VAT 0% € 0.00
VAT 21.00% € 31.10
Total price
€ 429.00

*The investment for this course is € 395, - including Inner Balance Trainer and VAT and course materials.

More information?
For questions and / or comments mail to info@heartmathbenelux.com. We will contact you. You can also call HeartMath Benelux via +31 43 36 55 626.