About the store

We give a 24 months warranty on our products, products that do not function properly are replaced within days. We also give service and information. For EEC based customers our prices, including shipping & VAT costs are generally slightly lower then if you order directly in the USA because of high additional transportcosts and sometimes importduties which have to be paid at delivery. Your order will normally be shipped to you within 2 days, providing the product is in stock.

Shipping and handling via UPS
(excl. VAT)
1 day
Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany
1-2 days
France / Great Britain / Denmark / Italy / Monaco / Czechie / Poland / Austria / Spain / Finland / Sweden / Portugal / Ireland
2-5 days
Other European countries
2-5 days
Countries outside Europe *
50 5-7 days


* deliveries outside Europe are shipped via express mail.


For orders outside the EEC we do not charge VAT, ie the excluding VAT price is the total price.

In our shop you can choose to order with PayPal, iDEAL (electronic banking only for the Netherlands) or Payment in advance. This means that you recieve an invoice after ordering and you can decide yourself how to transfer the money to us.


You can enter the webshop by clicking one of the categories on the left, ie:



By clicking on one of the categories you enter the shop. You can order by adding products into the cart. After choosing you click on check-out, after entering or checking your account information you press continue. You will see your full order and on the bottom of the page you will be asked to choose your preferred method of payment.


If you choose Payment in Advance then you will recieve automatically an invoice by e-mail. You can then choose how you want to forward the money to us. After we have recieved the money we will ship the ordered products per express to you.


If you choose the 2nd optionyou can pay with creditcard through the secured PayPal site.


If you choose the 3nd option (IDEAL) you will be forwarded to the secured Rabobank site. If you choose iDEAL you will be forwarded to the electronic banking facility of your own bank (ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank of SNS Bank, only valid for the Netherlands).


You will recieve an invoice per e-mail. Your order will normally be shipped to you within 2 days, providing the product is in stock (99% availability). The original invoice will be attached to the package. If you have ordered an e-book you will get a link to download the book within 2 days.


If you prefer to order in a different way please contact us via info@HeartMathbenelux.com or tel: 31-43-3655626. If you are a company and have a VAT number, we can send the invoice without charging VAT. Please contact us seperately on this.