emWave ® Pro Software

emWave ® Pro Software

Price (incl. VAT): € 171.00

  • This product contains software only and is for those who already have the emWave USB hardware
  • Sensor hardware not included. For those who previously purchased the emWave PC program with USB hardware.

The emWave Pro is an easy-to-use software program and patented heart rhythm monitor designed to prevent, manage and reverse the negative effects of stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression and more. The system is an innovative approach to stress relief based on learning to change the heart rhythm pattern and create physiological coherence in the body. Coherence is a highly efficient state where all the systems of the body work together in harmony. The analysis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), or heart rhythms, is recognized as a powerful, non-invasive measure that reflects heart-brain interactions and autonomic nervous system dynamics, which are particularly sensitive to changes in the emotional state.

The emWave Pro collects pulse data through a finger or ear sensor which plugs into your computer. The program translates the information from your heart rhythms into user friendly graphics displayed on your computer screen.

emWave Benefits
Transform the physiological response to stress and quickly re-balance mind, body and emotions.
Be less reactive, think clearly and make good decisions, especially under pressure.
Improve health, stamina and well-being; maintain personal balance and avoid stress and burnout in chaotic and changing environments.
Maximize creativity and innovation.
Boost performance and increase mental clarity.

emWave Features

  • 5 different views to watch your heart rhythms change as you move out of stress and into a state of higher performance.
  • 3 color visual shows your coherence ratio as you shift into feeling positive emotions and your coherence increases.
  • Coherence Coach - audio instruction, visual imagery and an adjustable breathing pacer for learning and applying HeartMath's Quick Coherence technique.
  • Interactive games – three colorful games designed to help you transform stress into creative energy.
  • Extensive library of information including a tutorial and quick start guide
  • Data storage showing coherence levels and heart rate for session and history review
  • Four challenge levels to help you raise your baseline coherence

System Requirements


  • Mac OS® X 10.7 Lion or later
  • Core™2 Duo at 1.8GHz or faster
  • One available USB Port
  • Internet Access Required for HeartCloud Access


  • Microsoft Windows® 7 or newer Operating System Preferred
  • Some features may not be available on older Operating Systems
  • 1.0 GHz or faster processor — recommend Intel® Core™2 Duo at 2.0GHz or faster
  • 1 GB RAM — recommended 2GB or more
  • One available USB Port
  • Progress View Displays best on Graphic Display Heights of at least 768 pixels
  • Internet Access Required for HeartCloud Access

emWave and  Coherence Coach are registered trademarks of Quantum Intech, Inc.