Inner Balance™ Trainer (USB-C) for Android

Inner Balance™ Trainer (USB-C) for Android

Price (incl. VAT): € 199.00

CAUTION: only for Android smartphones and tablets with a USB-C port. 

Technology is reversing techno-stress with the new Inner Balance™ Trainer from HeartMath - world leaders in science-based stress solutions.

The same devices that can bring unruly stress to their operators – email overload, battery shortcomings, or untimely phone calls –can now, in the palm of a hand, help them achieve emotional balance, or as HeartMath® calls its new app, Inner Balance™.

HeartMath President and CEO Deborah Rozman, Ph.D. said, “People can get so caught up with answering emails and tending to their technology that they get distracted from their own personal needs. This hyper connectivity often creates stress overload whether we are conscious of it or not. It can create a distraction from what’s vital to our happiness.”

The new Inner Balance trainer is the latest stress reduction tool from HeartMath, leaders in personal wellness for more than 20-years, to help people take charge of their well-being using the power of the heart and their smart devices. In a day and age when technology can bring as much stress as it can fruitfulness, HeartMath developers are bearers of the rare fruit – so to speak – in providing an innovative solution for people to refocus their emotions and regain inner balance using the latest technology. Technology causing distress and imbalance is a real phenomenon. In one study where college students were asked to voluntarily disconnect from technology for an entire day, nearly 80 percent experienced significant panic, confusion, mental and physical distress, and feelings of isolation.

For many it’s not a surprise that heavy use of technology including computers and mobile devices have in the past and even recently been linked to adverse emotion imbalances such as increased stress, sleep disorders and depressive symptoms, even addictive behavior.

Inner Balance can liberate people by freeing up the grip of stress and overwhelm at the very source where the imbalance is occurring.

To start, Inner Balance has the user select how they are feeling in the present moment. To assist the user to calm the mind and shift focus to the heart, the app provides unique breathing pacers.

The Inner Balance Trainer works exclusively with the unique periphery hardware, the HeartMath Sensor for Android. The hardware attaches to your Android device (smartphone or tablet). Once connected to your device, simply clip the sensor end to the earlobe to get an instant heart rhythm reading. 

The Inner Balance Trainer brings many of the popular award-winning emWave® technology features to Android devices including real-time feedback so the user can gauge their emotions. Inner Balance provides a highly specialized emotion-refocusing technique developed by HeartMath to guide the user back to balance.

User friendly graphics display the user’s heart rhythm coherence level – also called HRV coherence. HRV (heart rate variability) coherence feedback is a sophisticated observation of emotional states. Studies show that when in a coherent state, the emotional and mental state is revitalized and the body’s immune and hormonal balances improve.

While there are many heart rate apps available, HRV coherence is a highly sensitive and a more advanced measurement of the beat-to-beat changes that occur within heart rhythms -- and more reflective of the emotional fluctuations.

Inner Balance provides:

· A highly specialized technique to shift out of stress and into a more desirable emotional state

· Goals to follow to help reach new levels of inner balance

· History of all sessions

· Progress tracked over time

· A journal to track feelings or experiences that may have contributed to different session outcomes

· Rewards for achieving longer periods in medium and high coherence and balance

Inner Balance helps users replace archaic stress responses with more inner balance and a deeper sense of ease in the face of stressful situations. Much like having a personal trainer on hand, the app can help users know when they have successfully shifted the heart rhythms and the emotions. For those who want to delve even deeper, Inner Balance offers unique “quantified-self” features, including advance screens and charts that provide a more detailed view of the changing heart rhythms and amount of time in “the coherence zone.”

Today’s advances in technology are providing many options for improving personal health. You might say HeartMath’s Inner Balance technology provides a sort of tech-feng shui - a modern blending of science, technology and training that when combined, produces a highly effective method for reducing stress and increasing harmony and inner balance.