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Category: Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation

Comparative study of the impact of active meditation protocol and silence meditation on heart rate variability and mood in women

Aim: The aim of this study was to understand the impact of an active meditation protocol on heart rate variability (HRV) and mood in women as compared to breath-focused silence meditation. Materials and Methods: Women experienced two different practices of 20 min each: (a) control group: silence meditation focusing on breath and (b) experiment group: active meditation that included four activities, each lasting for 5 minutes – (1) simple humming, (2) coherent heart-focused breathing with 5s of inhalation and 5s of exhalation, (3) coherent


Physical Activity, Mindfulness Meditation, or Heart RateVariability Biofeedback for Stress Reduction

Abstract: In contemporary western societies stress is highly prevalent, therefore the need for stress-reducingmethods is great. This randomized controlled trial compared the efficacy of self-help physical activity (PA), mindfulness meditation (MM), and heart rate variability biofeedback (HRV-BF) in reducing stress and its related symptoms. We randomly allocated 126 participants to PA, MM, or HRV-BF upon enrollment, of whom 76 agreed to participate. The interventions consisted of psycho-education and an introduction to the specific


Heart rate variability behavior at different stages of practice in Zen meditation: a study of the system dynamics using multiresolution analysis

The  dynamic  interactions  between  the  sympathetic  and  parasympathetic  branches  of  the  autonomic  nervous system (ANS) are responsible for the oscillations in heart rate known as heart rate variability (HRV). Thus, the importance of HRV as an indirect measure of the autonomic activity is widely known. Meditation is  perhaps  the  best  practice  to  investigate  the  intrinsic  properties  of  the  ANS,  since  it  involves  a  state  of  complete physical immobility and absence of voluntary efforts. In this study we analyzed HRV during Zen