European HeartMath festival Celebration of the Heart

In June we host our European festival Celebration of the Heart. HeartMath USA co-founder Howard Martin, author of The HeartMath Solution and Heart Intelligence, will visit Germany to facilitate this unique event. We hope to welcome at least 150 people from over 15 countries.

During the festival you will learn how to strengthen your health, your mind and your happiness. It is an opportunity to experience connection, see the increasing group coherence measurements during the event on a large screen.

Together, we will take the next big step towards global coherence and its effects on the body, mind and social behavior. You’ll discover the impact of our individual and collective feelings and intentions.

The festival can be a transformational experience for you. Immerse yourself in the power of the heart. Break through the barriers that keep you from living in the heart. Connect with your heart like you have never experienced before.

The event is also an ideal opportunity for HeartMath trained professionals to connect with other colleagues and to deepen the connection with their own hearts. You will help building the field that connects and heals the people around you.

Interaction and experience
As a participant you get the opportunity to measure both your personal coherence and group coherence and to see what contribution the group makes to creating more harmony in the world. We will provide Inner Balance Trainers that will allow you to measure your individual coherence and also your contribution to the group coherence.


This is just before Whitsunday weekend, ideal to combine with a (short) holiday in the beautiful hills of the black forest. The festival starts on wednesday evening June 5th at 19.00 hrs and ends on Friday June 7th around 17.00 hrs.

Note: Howard Martin also delivers a short workshop on June 3rd in the Netherlands (Baarn).

The event will be held at the Kurhaus, Dietenbacher Straße 22 in the beautiful spa area of Kirchzarten. The closest airport is Basel/Mulhouse. From there you can take a shuttlebus to the mainstation of Freiburg (travelling time 1 hour). From Freiburg you can take the train to Kirchzarten (travelling time around 15 minutes).

The investment for this event is € 390,-. For HeartMath trained professionals there is a discount, please connect with our office.

Not included: travel, coffee/tea, meals and accommodation costs. There are plenty of hotels in the area and next to the location is a campsite.

Howard Martin, co-founder of HeartMath, is our host. It is his life mission to bring people together to create positive changes and facilitate the new wave of evolutionary thinking. He speaks on the basis of more than 25 years of scientific research and international experience. 

“Howard Martin has inspired thousands of people around the world to gain better control of their lives. His work is paramount in helping people change their health, increase their mental edge, alter the internal chemistry of their stress response, realize their spiritual connection by opening their heart and unfold into a more enriched destiny. His eloquent presentations are simple, light-hearted, inspirational, scientifically valid, and most importantly, they work. Howard is the living example of the natural balance between head and heart.”
Dr. Joe Dispenza, speaker & author

During this festival you:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the global changes.
  • Experience techniques to gain access to more intuition and to reduce feelings of overload, fear and uncertainty.
  • Understand the groundbreaking research on heart/brain/body communication.
  • Witness a real-time demonstration of the biological communication of the heart.
  • Learn how you can contribute to creating a more heart-based world.
  • Gain new knowledge for enhancing intuition and applying it in practical ways.